Peace—Passing Dream or Realistic Goal (Part 1)

Elements of Peace


World peace has been an elusive dream for thousands of years so why should it be any different today.  Indeed, every time we pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV, we see more hatred and destruction. The alarms are sounding loud and clear—terrorism, climate change, refugees, family breakdown and on and on.  But behind the scenes there is hope.  In recent years science and technology have given us a new look at who we are, our relationship to the environment and to one another, and even pointing to the existence of a creator.  Something religions have been telling us for a long time.

If peace is a realistic goal, where do we start?  The basic elements for peace include international cooperation and satisfying the needs of all people—food, shelter, security, health, and friends and family.  I will discuss each of these and future post. When people’s individual needs are met and the family is secure, there will be no refugees.  When we all realize that we are God’s children, equal in His love, and therefore one family, there will be no need for one people to rise up against another.

Peace Road deals specifically with international cooperation.  Rev. Moon was promoting an international peace highway for more than 30 years as a project in which all nations of the world would cooperate.  With a bridge or tunnel across the Bering Strait people could drive from New York to London, and from Santiago, Chile to the Cape of Good Hope.  On either side of the highway would be a “free zone” where people could travel without visas.  The proposal also includes a high speed rail system.  Although the cost of such a project is enormous, it is only a fraction of what is being spent on wars today.  Rev. Moon also stipulated that no military equipment or personnel could be transported on the “Peace Highway”.

Rev. Moon also worked tirelessly to bring down the communist ideology and reunite his homeland of Korea.  He often expressed that this could never be accomplished by war, but only through a stronger ideology—one that embodies true love.  And Rev. Moon accurately predicted the downfall of the Soviet Union.  It was 70 years after its inception.  The communist government of North Korea began in 1948 and the Korean War ended in 1950.  Therefore, I believe that the collapse of the North Korean regime is imminent and that we will indeed be able to ride around the Korean Peninsula in 2020.

Peace Road is but one tool in the ever expanding toolbox of true love.  Let us use it effectively as we usher in a new world.

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