Peace—Passing Dream or Realistic Goal (Part 2)

Global Destruction


Is climate change real?  Of course it is.  There has always been climate change and there always will be climate change.  However, the term “climate change” has also become a term widely used for economic and/or political gain.  The fact is, no one understands the nature of climate change.  If a person cannot explain the mechanism of climate change in the absence of man, how can they quantify the role that man is playing in climate change?

The real problem is global destruction which can easily be monitored and quantified.  Climate change is but a symptom of global destruction.  Of course we’ve heard a lot about pollution and deforestation.  These have long been head line items for environmental groups and the news media.  What we haven’t heard much about and possibly one of the most important issues is global agricultural techniques.

It is now known that the soil is itself a living organism populated with its own micro biome.  As such it is extremely important to the health of our planet and all living things on it.  The soil works very much like the gut in relation to the roots.  It breaks down the nutrients of the earth and makes them available to the plants.  In turn the plants take carbon from the air and deposit it into the soil which helps the soil to hold water and therefore make more water available to the plants even in the dry season.

The whole system worked great until man began to till the soil and leave it bare.  Little by little erosion began to remove the topsoil.  Then the practice of mono crops stripped the soil of important nutrients.  Finally, in recent years, a barrage of chemicals have been added to the mix.  Many of these chemicals killing the all-important micro biome of the soil.  The answer to this problem had been more chemicals.  Sadly, many of these chemicals find their way into our food, our water supply, and are killing all life in the rivers and even extending this destruction into the ocean.

Fortunately there is an answer that is good for everyone.  In recent years a growing number of researchers, farmers, and ranchers have been developing and utilizing techniques which actually regenerate the soil.  Known as “regenerative agriculture”, these techniques vary widely around the globe but they all have something in common.  These courageous men and women have looked outside the box of traditional agriculture.  They realized that the natural environment got along very nicely for thousands, even millions of years without our help.  Therefore they sought techniques to mimic the natural system.  Through their creativity, these people have demonstrated that it is possible to produce enough healthy food for all people while building a healthy soil without the use of chemicals.

I believe the greatest advancement in modern agriculture is the return to the ideals of creation.  As an added bonus, some climate experts estimate that regenerative agricultural techniques will remove enough carbon from the atmosphere and sequester it into the soil where it belongs to completely resolve the current climate change debate.  Also, soil rich in carbon has the ability to hold a lot more water thereby reducing the threat of floods. But the biggest winners here are the family farms and the communities they serve.

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