Peace—Passing Dream or Realistic Goal (Part 3)



The human body is an amazingly complex organism.  And although there have been major steps forward in recent years in the understanding of the human body, there are still many questions.  The more I learned about the complexities of the body, the more amazed I am that such an organism could be designed—but the alternative, that such complexity could be the result of random events, is totally unacceptable.  It requires far more faith than and I have.  So I am resigning to stick with a Creator that is so amazing that it staggers the mind.

The human body was designed to take care of itself.  All we need to do is provide the right nutrients.  I believe that every ailment has a natural cure.  We just have to find them.  Even plans have a natural resistance to pests when grown in healthy soil.  It isn’t hard to find examples of people being cured of life threatening ailments with totally natural means.

This brings us back to regenerative agriculture.  Food is medicine.  Healthy food means healthy bodies and the best way to get healthy food is from healthy soil, free of chemicals.  Indeed, the pharmacy of the future will be the farm, and that farmer will be the pharmacist.  This introduces an entirely new paradigm to Health Care.

Healthy living must be the center piece of any health care program.  The primary goal of health care providers should be to help people live healthy lives.  When there is a health issue that needs to be treated, the focus should be on assisting the body to heal itself.  The result would be a healthy society and universal health care at a very reasonable cost.  And who will gain the most from this plan?—The family farms and the communities they serve.

For more information, perhaps the greatest single source for healthy living on line is

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