Peace—Passing Dream or Realistic Goal (Part 4)

Friends and Family


A few years ago I had the opportunity to spend six weeks and the D.R. Congo.  Being a country boy at heart, I was glad to be getting out of the city as we left Kinshasa for the countryside.  It took us nearly three days to travel just 500 km on dirt roads in an old vehicle that kept breaking down.  We’re on our way were to the heart of one of the poorest countries in the world and I loved it.  One day while sitting on the side of a road I watched a young girl pounding cassava root into flour—a task which I’m sure I would find quite tiring.  She was a young girl of about 14 to 15 years old and didn’t seem to mind spending her afternoon working.  On the contrary, she was singing and dancing the whole time.  This is but one example, but everywhere I went and met happy people.

No electricity or running water, living in simple clay brick houses with thatched roofs, yet these people seemed to be happier than the people of America and other developed countries.  How is that possible?  To me the answer was simple—they have friends and family.  You see, the people in developed countries have become so preoccupied with seeking the “good things in life” that they have very little time left for the family and friends.  Then in order to protect themselves and their things, they live behind doors with multiple locks.

At the heart of Rev. Moon’s teaching is the family.  The family is the model and building block for all other relationships—the society, nation, world, and even business relationships.  When we extend the heart of love learned in the family to our friends and neighbors we soon realize that we are part of a much larger family.  When we trace our roots back generation after generation we will eventually get to the first family, descended from the original Heavenly Parent – the Creator of all things.

The only way world peace can truly be achieved is through true love—the love that goes beyond race religion, culture and national origin.  Only then can the borders be opened and the true one world family under God be achieved.  Rev. and Mrs. Moon, the True Parents, have given their lives reaching out to all people with a love that knows no bounds.  They have asked all of us—all people of the world—to follow their example.  To reach out to all with the heart of true love—to become “true parents”.

The keys to the Kingdom are in our hands today.  As people learn to love their neighbors as their family, to take pride in their homeland and learn to nurture and develop it in accordance with a natural laws, there will be no refugees, no gangs or terrorist cells, and eventually no borders.

I believe all this is possible within this generation and that is why I am committed to riding the Peace Road.

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