About the Global Team


Peace Road is cycling tour created to bring people together from different nations and cultures to promote peace. It was started in South Korea with the vision to promote the unification of North and South Korea, but the heart of soul of Peace Road encompasses any region of the world where people are striving to bring about peace. Brothers and sisters have been participating in local Peace Road events around the world since 2014. The next step is to advance the tour to a global scale.

The Global Team is initiated by Allan Hokanson. His vision for Peace Road is to ride around the unified Korean Peninsula In 2020.  In 1950, 16 nations came to the aid of Korea to fight against communist rule.  In 2020 we hope representatives from 160 nations will come to Korea via the Peace Road.  Allan is calling these representatives the new “U.N. Peacekeeping Forces” and our only weapon will be true love. Only true love is strong enough to overcome all obstacles.

In preparation for 2020, a small team will ride from Santiago, Chile to Kodiak, Alaska beginning September 2017 and arriving in Alaska the following July.

If you think you might be interested in joining the team contact Allan Hokanson for more details.