Get Involved

There are several ways you can get involved with Peace Road Global Team

1. Join the ride! Obviously, we are hoping to recruit as many cyclists as we can to join the international Peace Road tour. Whether you want to join for the full journey, or a shorter leg, we’d love to hear from you! Contact Allan directly at

2. Support a cyclist from your community. Taking an extended bike trip takes a fair amount of resources. Cyclists need financial support to prepare gear for the trip as well as expenses on the road, as well as spiritual support in the form of prayers and encouragement. If you know a cyclist who may be hesitating to join the Global Team, reach out and offer your support!

3. Become an official sponsor. If you are inspired by the Peace Road message and mission and have the financial means, having a ready sponsor will make a huge difference in recruiting cyclists to the team who are worried about the financial cost. Take a look at our cost breakdown and contact Allan to discuss.

4. Join the ride as a driver! If you are not up for getting on a bike and pedaling hundreds of miles but are passionate about Peace Road and its message. Get in your car and follow the team for a few miles! It’s a good safety measure to have a vehicle close by, and you can help lighten the load on the cyclists by carrying gear and supplies. Drive-along team members can also help by taking photos and video to document the journey.

5. Help with Translation. This website needs a reliable Spanish translation to better serve the cause in South America. Contact Heidi Hokanson at