What will it cost?

I’ve been asked to provide information on the cost of this Global Peace Road event.  However, I’m reluctant to do so because I’ve often experienced that when a person hears the numbers they immediately respond with “too expensive” or “can’t afford it”— end of conversation. I find this very frustrating, but if you’re one of those people, go ahead and scroll down to the bottom where you’ll find the numbers.

I prefer to look at the merits of the case first.  If I see the merits are high, and next question is, “how much will it cost?” immediately followed by, “how can we accomplish it?” Sometimes after careful consideration the answer is–we can’t.  And sometimes even though it looks impossible, the merits are so high, I take a leap of faith.  One thing I learned during my 10 years on the New Hope with True Father was that when True Father gives direction he also takes responsibility.  That, in a nutshell, is why I am committed to riding the Peace Road substantially.

When we were living in Kodiak, my wife, Aeryeon, was responsible for maintaining True Parents’ home and serving them while they were in Alaska.  One year, not long before True Parents we due to arrive, Aeryeon was admitted to the local hospital for emergency surgery—a procedure that commonly took up to one year to recover from.  Shortly after leaving the hospital she received two bear bladders—considered to have very high health properties.  She asked me if she should keep them both or offer one to True Parents.  I told her to offer them both—which she did.  Within two weeks she was back to normal.

The conclusion is this—if we receive directions from True Father, and do everything in our power to make it happen with a pure heart, True Father will take care of the rest.

The following budget is based on my situation and may vary according to what equipment you already have, where you’re traveling from, and how many members on the team.  For example, there are a number of items which only require one for the whole team.  I will be using my current bike—$550 two years ago—but with over 12,000 km on it, I will change out the wheels to a higher grade.  I will be pulling a trailer mainly because it is a little cheaper than a set of panniers.  This not only allows me to use my existing bike, but will also allow me to use some of the equipment I already have such as a sleeping bag and camp mat which are too bulky to fit inside panniers.  The travel budget is for 10 months and assumes camping along the road at night, preparing our own food, and receiving generous love and assistance from people along the way.

I encourage anyone wishing to join the Global Team to reach out to their communities for support, and utilize tools such as GoFundMe.com and others to raise the necessary funds. We can accomplish anything if we work hard and pray harder.

1Bike parts and accessories  $            800.00
2Camp equipment  $            500.00
Flight– from and to Seoul  $         2,000.00
Food  $         4,000.00
Total  $         7,300.00
Unexpected expenses and/or cost overrun  $         2,000.00
Total  $         9,300.00
3Team Equipment  $         1,200.00


1 Includes Trailer, lights and parts

2 Includes 1 person tent, solar charger and personal items

3 Includes cooking and Navigation (Purchaser will keep it after the ride)